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Outstanding Results

Product development and market opportunities for NOKIA

Metro conducted multi-country consumer qualitative research to help Nokia explore response to new mobile handset designs, including form factor, usability and function.

Nokia is a major mobile handset manufacturer, but has lost ground in some markets to newer entrants offering new device formats and enhanced customer focused design. Nokia needed to revitalise its product ranges.

Using a combination of in-depth interviewing, ethnographic observation and usability testing, we conducted research in 6 countries across a consumer segmentation.

We delivered insight to the help refocus the company's EMEA strategy for product development.


Consumer online portfolios for Legal & General

Legal & General is a major UK financial services provider. As a provider of insurance, savings and investments products, most of the relationships with clients are mediated by intermediaries. Increasingly, the business seeks direct relationships and a key part of this is to offer clients access to manage their portfolios online.

We ran a programme of group workshops around the country. We gave respondents access to prototype service and explored their responses.

Using additional  in-depth profiling, we created a typology of consumers based on attitudes towards using technology to manage their portfolios. We made recommendations for targeting specific types and how to optimise the portfolio design.


Developing new mobile delivered services for illiterate people in Africa for Orange

The main objective was to develop value-added mobile services (more than voice calls) to illiterate people in AMEA.
We conducted extensive qualitative research in key West and Central African countries.
We developed a bespoke research methodology, using a combination of autophotography for collection of individual lifestyle profiles, assessment tools to identify the different ‘levels’ of illiteracy and special stimulus materials to explore concepts for mobile services.
As outputs we developed a consumer typology designed for use by product and service developers and marketing teams in creating new services.
We made extensive recommendations on what services and content types would be attractive to this significant market and how to deliver these via mobile.


Administration and billing systems for Healthcode

Healthcode is a provider of medical software and online administration services to the healthcare insurance companies.

We conducted qualitative research and usability sessions with medical consultants, clinicians and administrators about their needs and workflows.

We explored the current Healthcode system and and proposed developments through the use of online and paper prototypes.

We provided Healthcode with a clear assessment of the path to develop Healthcode services and also made recommendations on branding and usability issues.

Online Shopping

Positioning fibre broadband to consumers for TalkTalk

TalkTalk is a leading UK connectivity provider. With the development of local fibre optic connections and owning it’s own ‘next generation backbone’, TalkTalk wanted to understand how to position fibre broadband to consumers.

We ran a programme of qualitative research and co-creation workshops to establish the most resonant attributes for consumers e.g. stability, speed, availability, safe for families. We matched these to advertising concepts, working closely with the retained agency.

We recommended the ideal attributes and core messages for communications to specific target groups in the consumer marketplace.

Image by Markus Spiske

Gaming prize development research National Bingo Game

The National Bingo Game is played in most of the bingo clubs in Britain. With a national prize structure winnable across millions of games played every day, getting the prize structure right is really important.  The National Game helps bring players into clubs against an aggressive competitive set of alternative leisure activities.  

We helped the National Bingo Game Association optimise its jackpot structure through qualitative and compex quantitative trade-off modelling.  The revised National Game prize structure has been implemented successfully.

Image by Drew Beamer

Brand reputation and performance monitoring for Sage Publications

Sage is a leading international academic publisher, with a very strong presence in universities around the world.

Metro Research has run a quantitative tracking research programme to help monitor changes in brand reputation for Sage and its main competitors.

We monitored brand performance annually and made recommendations for improvement actions.